RF CURER™ Procedure Video 

Percutaneous Disc Decompression Device

The RF-Curer is used for spinal disc pain treatment.

The RF Curer™ uses radiofrequency heat to lysis the herniated disc.


1. The minimal incision and excision so less scar on patient’s body structure

2. Local anesthesia and the procedure time is 1 hour

3. Minimal incision causes less infective and less defect on skin tissues.

4. Treat herniated disc through visible endoscope raises precision

5. able to treat unawared diseases that could missed on MRI

Applicable object

1. Herniated lumbar spine disc , cervical disc and spinal stenosis- Chronic backache, chronic cervical spine pain

2. Herniated disc degeneration

3. Failure syndrome after surgery

4. High-pressure, diabetes, patient

5. Herniated Disc Degeneration



Before Surgery


During the Procedure




After the Procedure

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